I’m here to teach you how to think, not what to think.
— Dr. Zelana Montminy

Whether it’s to an audience of academics discussing the latest research and trends, to a group of parents and children, to CEOs seeking to optimize in-house team performance, or at an intimate retreat, Dr. Zelana’s myth-busting, science based message of resilience, realistic positivity and wellness resonates deeply with all. In all her engagements, Dr. Zelana shares her passion, expertise, and actionable tools needed to thrive.










Recent speaking engagement clients include:



Dr. Zelana Montminy’s building resilience presentation was insightful, engaging and tailored specifically for our company, so much so that it resonated well with our large, diverse group. Dr. Zelana is a refreshing change to traditional speakers. Her talk truly brought food for thought with actionable takeaways to help enrich our personal and professional lives. Dr. Zelana even took time to individually greet and also personalize her 21 Days to Resilience book for all those in attendance. Her presentation continues to be a much talked about event which is proof of the positive lasting impression she brought to the HMSHost team. Thank you, Dr. Zelana.
— Jeff Yablun, Chief Operating Officer at HMSHost
Dr. Zelana is an insightful speaker who will challenge your assumptions on happiness and offer actionable steps on how to become more resilient. She is passionate, professional, and genuine not only in her presentation style, but in her interactions with individuals. Her approach to boosting well-being through resilience is powerful and much-needed in our modern world.
— Maureen Caldwell, School Employee Wellness Program Officer, OEA Choice Trust
Dr. Zelana’s presentation was fabulous! It was the perfect combination of humor, education, entertainment and enlightenment. She left us all wanting to hear more (was that really an hour!?), which is why the books were completely sold out within the first 20 min! She is like the brutally honest best friend we all want, but with the credibility and expertise to back everything up.
— Leah Mitchell, Account Manager, KPMG
Dr. Zelana Montminy is magnetic, poised, and full of insight. It was a pleasure to welcome her to the Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology to present to our students, alumni, faculty, donors and community partners. She expertly tackled coupling research with the realities of life and expounding on tools and mindsets to practice and work towards our best self. I’m thrilled she is now a partner with our school.  
— Vanessa Jahn, Cultural Attache, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology 

Dr. Zelana Montminy’s reveals that life does not have to be in search of the ever elusive pursuit of happiness, instead understanding resilience is the key to unlocking all it takes to lead a life of purpose and contentment. She packs a punch in her tool kit book “21 Days to Resilience ” and gives a profound talk that not only is enlightening but full of hope and useful tips on how to achieve a resilient life. I would highly recommend her for any type of program that strives for enriched content and practical take home value.
— Mistine Borden, Capstone Events

Dr. Zelana Montminy is without a doubt one of the smartest people that I’ve ever worked with. She is at the leading edge of positive psychology. Her ability to translate and communicate complex concepts into user-friendly and applicable knowledge is one of her biggest assets. Now she shares her incredible insights and expertise on positive change in 21 Days to Resilience. She’s captured the secrets underlying human behavior. This book is a must-read for anyone looking not just for change but also spiritual uplift and sustainable transformation! Her book is incredibly important and critically timely.
— Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Bestselling Author of The Tao of Nutrition and Secrets of Longevity, and founder of Tao of Wellness
Dr. Zelana Montminy is amongst the very best in this field. What I love about Dr. Z’s approach in 21 Days to Resilience is how comprehensive, pragmatic and actionable it is. If you want to build your resilience muscles, these daily workouts are just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be amazed how effortless life will feel as a result.
— Shirzad Chamine, New York Times bestselling author of Positive Intelligence and Stanford lecturer

I was thrilled to learn that Dr. Zelana Montminy is writing a book… I have no doubt that she will build a broad community and promote an important dialogue that needs to be unleashed, understood and celebrated.
— Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, Founder & CEO, Physique 57

It was so refreshing working with Dr. Zelana Montminy on developing a Health and Happiness program which she flawlessly delivered during an annual Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Regional Leadership Conference. Her knowledge, passion, and creativity allowed us to take it one step further – we served foods during breakfast and breaks that support Dr. Montminy’s research. It was a great experience for all participants.
— Elizabeth Griffin, Regional Director, YPO-WPO Pacific U.S.

I was thrilled when Dr. Zelana was available to take a quick break from her 21 Days to Resilience” book tour to speak at our all women’s YPO Event in Santa Monica this month. She shared brilliant insights in to the pressures of our “high expectation lifes”; of today with solid and scientific backed research that gave us understanding on how resilience is a key component to being “happy”. She fills the room with her positive message!
— Sarah Butterbaugh, Co-Inventor of Rugggable