“If you want to know my secret to success, check out 21 Days to Resilience #SMGbookclub!”
-Sarah Michelle Gellar


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One of Maria Shriver’s Architects of Change

“If you want to know my secret to success, check out 21 Days to Resilience #SMGbookclub!”
-Sarah Michelle Gellar

“If you’re sick of hearing tired advice like “things will get better” or “lift yourself up” (or even worse, bad things happen for a reason) then grab a copy of the new book 21 Days to Resilience!”
-Health Magazine

“Must-have book of the season!” 
-Molly Sims

“Best new self-help book out there!” 
-Chalkboard Magazine


What people are saying about Dr. Montminy

“Insightful, interesting, and intelligent. Dr. Montminy’s book can help any parent, student or leader find ways to immediately make positive research come to life. More than a decade of research proves that, no matter where you
are starting, by making small changes to our lives, we can dramatically raise our power over our environment and strengthen our resilience to challenge. Dr. Montminy helps translate this life-giving research into practical daily steps. From science to real life, Dr. Montminy makes the path to positive change clearer than ever.”
Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness

“It’s hard to have a calm mind and clear purpose when life gets crazy and chaotic. Dr. Z gets it. This book is like having her at your side as part therapist, life coach, and friend, walking you through a process that will change your outlook and help you push through challenges towards your best self.”
Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, producer and co-founder of Foodstirs

“It may seem like life is easy for a supermodel, but that is far from the case. I would be nowhere without the power
of resilience. This book puts that power in your hands in real, tangible ways. Whatever you have to conquer, this book makes it possible.”
Molly Sims, supermodel and actress

“Dr. Zelana Montminy is amongst the very best in this field. What I love about Dr. Z’s approach in 21 Days to Resilience is how comprehensive, pragmatic and actionable it is. If you want to build your resilience muscles, these daily workouts are just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be amazed how effortless life will feel as a result.”
Shirzad Chamine, New York Times bestselling author of Positive Intelligence and Stanford lecturer

“Dr. Zelana Montiminy has what we all want. She glows with health and vibrancy, has boundless energy, and seems
to get it all done without any stress. Now she lets us in on her seemingly magical and mystical secrets to happiness through her science-backed toolkit to overcome life’s daily and bigger challenges with a realistic shift in approach. 21 Days to Resilience gives us a powerful map we can apply to grab ahold of radical wellbeing and happiness in our daily lives, for real. Dr. Z brings fierce credibility, a fresh and engaging perspective, and leaves me hanging on every word she writes. Her books will be required reading for Strala training programs, a shining example to professionals in the field, and a fantastic resource to anyone wanting to live a fulfilled life.”
Tara Stiles, bestselling author of Make Your Own Rules Diet, Yoga Cures , Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, 
and founder of Strala Yoga

“Dr. Zelana Montminy is without a doubt one of the smartest people that I’ve ever worked with. She is at the leading edge of positive psychology. Her ability to translate and communicate complex concepts into user-friendly and applicable knowledge is one of her biggest assets. Now she shares her incredible insights and expertise on positive change in 21 Days to Resilience. She’s captured the secrets underlying human behavior. This book is a must-read
for anyone looking not just for change but also spiritual uplift and sustainable transformation! Her book is incredibly important and critically timely.”
Dr. Mao Shing Ni, bestselling author of The Tao of Nutrition and Secrets of Longevity, 
and founder of Tao of Wellness

“Dr. Zelana Montminy combines expertise, authenticity, likeability, and a unique ability to translate confusing information in an honest, clear way. 21 Days to Resilience will have you look deep inside to change your negative patterns into positive ones. Dr. Montminy’s psychology and health-based principles will inspire you to be the best
you possible, no matter your challenges!”
Catherine McCord, bestselling author of Weelicious, Weelicious Lunches, and founder of Weelicious.com

“This book is a wellness game changer. All too often we think that if we can simply find happiness, our lives will fall
into place. 21 Days to Resilience shows that instead of chasing an elusive concept of happiness, we can pivot to a more effective focus on resiliency. Dr. Z explains how to focus on simple daily habits, and why doing so can offer you a far better chance of feeling happy, healthy, and balanced. She is shifting the happiness conversation!”
Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, New York Times bestselling author of Flat Belly Diet!, Flat Belly Diet! Cookbook, S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim, and Health magazine contributing editor

“Who we are and what we achieve in life is, in my opinion, a direct result of ALL of our life experiences (both good and bad). In this book, Dr. Montminy talks about how ‘building resilience’ will help move your life in the right direction… a concept that is a long time coming and one we can all benefit from. What is life if we are not learning and growing? And if resilience brings both contentment and happiness, I’m in!”
Lorna Jane Clarkson, author and CCO of Lorna Jane Activewear

“Dr. Montminy’s book about Resiliency is a practical toolbox helping anyone make powerful changes in their life and become more successful at anything they want. Within 21 days, she breaks the secrets to success and happiness down to a science. Read this book and take this journey with her if you want to become more successful at practically anything.”
Leah Segedi, founder of Mamavation.com

“It’s about time Dr. Z wrote a book! As someone actively involved in the health space and having recently co-authored a book, I can speak from experience in saying that I have no doubt this will be a huge success. Her message is truly unique, inspirational and authentic – and something that will resonate with people well beyond just this book.”
Hayden Slater, author & founder, Pressed Juicery

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